Monday Morning Ladder – Session 2

Once again David and Janet Gardner hosted the Monday morning ladder for a 2nd time which ended on September 20th.  Thank you for their organization and execution of another successful 8 weeks! Congrats to all winners.

Rankings for Skips

1st place skip   Jill Foster
2nd                      Barry Ming
3rd                      Steve Foster
4th                      Peter Smith
5th                      Bawan Saravanabawa
LtoR Peter, Bawan, Jill, Barry and Steve

Rankings for Leads

1st place lead   David Gardner
2nd                     Brian Morin
3rd                      Svend Klausen
4th                      Elaine Ratcliffe
5th                      Bud Randal
LtoR Bud, Elaine, David, Svend and Brian