Carpet Bowling

Winter Carpet Bowling at GHLBC

Carpet Bowling at GHLBC takes place from October to March each year. It is a variation of outdoor bowling, the difference being a smaller bowl, smaller jack and a much smaller playing surface.

Carpet bowling is a game that relies on ones ability to control touch and feel for the game. Knocking the jack off the carpet is discouraged by the scoring system that is used. The playing surface for each lane is approximately 30 ft. long X 6 ft. wide.

Our hall can hold three carpet lanes which in turn limit’s the number of players to a maximum of 24 at one time. (We use the old rule, first come, first to play.) We normally bowl ten ends, stop for tea and cookies, then redraw for the next ten ends.

It is a very social way to spend your winter afternoons as most draws take place at 1:00 P.M.

See the Calendar for Carpet Bowling sessions.