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Monday Morning Ladder 1st Session – 2021

20 bowlers enjoyed an 8 week run on Monday mornings.  Many thanks once again to David and Janet for organizing and running the league.  There were top 4 winners in each of two groups:

Winner – Skip Division

Elaine Ratcliffe

Runner Ups

Jay Huang – 4th Place
Bud Randall – 3rd Place
Peter Smith – 2nd Place

Winner – Lead Division

Janet Gardner

Runner Ups

Sandra McConnel – 4th  Place
Frances White – 3rd Place
Wendy Finnigan – 2nd Place



Mae Sheppard and Harding Singles competitions – 2021

The competitions were conducted Friday and Saturday June 9th and 10th.  Once again many thanks to David and Janet for organizing the event and Gloria for her help and wonderful array of food and coffee.  Another shoutout to all the “markers” who volunteered for both events.

Mae Sheppard Women’s Singles Event – Winner

Anne Murfitt

2nd and 3rd

2nd Alina Robertson, 3rd Jill Foster


Harding Men’s Singles – Winner

Svend Klausen
2nd Floyd Ruttan, 3rd David Gardner




Beckwith Scotch Pairs 2021

A very  well attended club tournament and very well organized  by Janet and David Gardner.  Gloria was again giving so much assistance to the games and provided us with post game sandwiches and snacks.  The weather was interesting.


Pete Smith (skip), Josie Tan with Brian and David

Runner Up

Wendy Finnigan, Dennis Verge (skip) with David Gardner

3rd Place

Donna Adamowicz, Jay Huang (skip) with David Gardner

4th Place

Floyd Ruttan, Maggie Mason with David Gardner


Roni Frey Women’s Pairs – May 25, May 26, 2021

First GHLBC tournament of the season.  Thank you to Janet and David Gardner  for organizing and putting together the event.  Another thank you to Gloria for helping out with the initial draw, collection and of course the tasty snacks! The weather cooperated and fun was had by all.


Dorothy Verge  (skip) and Anne Wilson with David Gardner

2nd Place

Nancy Taylor and Frances White (skip) with David Gardner

3rd Place

Noelle Trueman, Alina Robertson (skip) with David Gardner



Beckwith Scotch Pairs

Beckwith Scotch Pairs 2020

Steve and Jill Foster hosted the event this year.  On a beautiful October day,  we had the final in-house tournament of the year! Thanks to our organizers and all the bowlers who turned out.


Cedric Truman, Dave Gardner

2nd Place

Les East, Brent Jansen

3rd Place

Tini Hayden, Gail Richards



Friday Morning Aussie Pairs


We had a lot of fun!  11 weeks on Friday morning. Thank you to Brian Morin, our President, who came up with the concept.  He is featured in all the photos .

1st Place – Gold  – 21 Points

Jay Huang, Gale Law with Brian Morin

2nd Place – Silver – 20 Points

Dorothy Verge, Dennis Verge with Brian Morin

3rd Place  – Bronze – 13 points

Brent Jansen, Karen Evans, with Brian Morin





Monday Morning Ladder

Another successful 10 week ladder hosted and run by David and Janet Gardner.  Many thanks from all the bowlers who had fun and enjoyed each others’ company.  Congats to all the winners.

Winners – Skips

1st Barry Ming, 2nd Maggie Mason, 3rd Svend Klausen, 4th Gail Richards, 5th Jay Huang

Clockwise from R, Barry Ming, Maggie Mason, Svend Klausen, Jay Huang,, Gail Richards


1st Frances White, 2nd Alina Robertson, 3rd Dolores Morin, 4th Joy Smith, 5th Tini Hayden

L to R, Frances White, Alina Robertson, Joy Smith (missing Dolores Morin, Tini Hayden)



2 Bowl 6 Pack (4Pack?)

Our President, Brian,  thought it would be a good idea to try something new.  Well attended and fun had by all!

LEVEL A Winners

Lutz Keller, Dennis Verge (skip)

Level B Winners

Dennis Collister, Gail Richards (skip)

Level C Winners

Ben Mason (skip), Jack Adamowicz

Level D Winners

Josie Tan (skip), Al Thomson