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2 Bowl Six Pack – GHLBC 2022

28 players with 11 Novice Bowlers came out for this
tournament and hopefully everyone had a good time playing.

Top Teams were

Donna Adamowicz/Jen
Purkis 30 points,

Bud Randall/Jean McClennan 27.5 points and Jack Adamowicz/Jim Wakeham.

Points  equated to team $ won.


GHLBC Anniversary Mixed Triples – 2022

Thank you to Steve Foster and the kitchen crew as well as all of the other volunteers who helped out.  Beautiful weather and a great turn out helped make the tournament a success!

Trophy Winners

Don Pavan (lead), Wendy Finnigan (Vice), Cecelia Wilson (Skip)

2nd Place

Diane Smith (Vice), Pete Smith (Skip), Marilyn McKittrick (lead)

3rd Place

Karen Heagle (Vice), Vic Chance (Lead), Jill Foster (Skip)

4th Place – Tie

Li Hua Huang (Lead), Karen Evans (Vice), Kiyoshi Sekiguchi (Skip), Jay Huang (Skip), Frances White (Vice), Sue Skillen (Lead)



GHLBC South Island Open Singles – 2022

A brand new BSI tournament that was well attended and received a lot of praise for the new singles format.  Kudos to David Gardner for organizing the event and to all the kitchen help  and markers who contributed to the tournament’s success.

Winner- A Flight

David Gardner


2nd Place – A Flight

Svend Klausen GH

3rd Place – A Flight

Dennis Verge GH

4th Place – A Flight

Anne Murfitt GH

1st Place – B Flight

Chris Dodd LH

2nd Place – B Flight

Cherlyn McArthur JDF

GHLBC Men’s Singles Novice Tournament – 2022

The men’s novice was played on Wednesday, August 10th.  There were some very close games with 4 of 6 competitors ending with 2 wins 1 loss. We went to shots for divided by shots against to get the winner… David Gardner
Kevin Britt came  first
Ron McCrea       second
Don Pavan        third
Alex  Vogel       forth
Kevin Britt’s parents were members of the club one time and Kevin’s dad one the novice trophy in the 1980’s.
Kevin Britt
Don Pavan (3rd), Alex Vogel (4th), Kevin Britt (1st), Ron McCrea (2nd)

GHLBC Monday Morning Ladder 2022

The 2022 Monday morning ladder has just been completed. It started the beginning of May and went for 10 weeks. We had 30 participants this year. Thanks to all of the participants who make it such an enjoyable and fun competition.
David and Janet Gardner

Winning Skips

LtoR David Gardner, Peter Smith, Al Thomson, Gale Law, Barry Ming

Overall Winner – Al Thomson

2nd – Peter Smith

3rd David Gardner

4th Barry Ming

5th Gale Law

Winning Leads

LtoR Angela Tessaro, Dolores Morin, Marilyn McKitrick, Frances White

Overall Winner – Angela Tessaro

2. Dolores Morin

3. Marilyn McKitrick

4. Joy Smith

5. Frances White



Women’s Roni Frey Pairs – 2022

The women’s pairs was conducted with the men’s tournament.  Lovely weather, great green and  once again big thanks to David Gardner and Gloria and her crew.

Trophy Winners

Wendy Finnigan (lead), Elaine Ratcliff (skip) with David Gardner

2nd Place

Gale Law (skip), Joy Smith (lead)

3rd Place

Grace Shippam (lead), Donna Adamowicz (skip)



Men’s Corby Pairs – 2022

Well the summer weather is finally arriving.  Sunny skies and smiling faces was the order of the day!  Thank you to David Gardner and all the kitchen crew for this great tournament.  We are a lucky bunch!

Trophy Winners

Jack Adamowicz (lead), Floyd Ruttan (skip) with David Gardner

2nd Place

Brian Morin (lead), Al Thomson (skip)

3rd Place

Robin Hittos (lead), Dennis Verge (skip)