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Beckwith Scotch Pairs – 2019

Another well attended tournament and the weather totally cooperated!!

1st Place and Trophy Winners

Pete Smith, Dorothy Verge

Runners Up – 2nd Place

Jill Foster, Robin Hittos

3rd Place

Maggie Mason, Jay Huang

4th Place

Frances White, Steve Foster

5th Place

Kiyoshi  Sekiguchi  , Ben Mason

6th Place

Mary Howarth, Jack Adamowicz

President’s Shield Mixed Triples 2019

Our first tournament was graced with lovely weather, enthusiastic bowlers, 5 prizes and great munchies and pizza!

First Place – Trophy Winners

Barry Ming, Mary Wilson, Steve Foster (skip)

2nd Place

Robin Hittos, Cecelia Wilson, Kiyoshi Sekiguchi (skip)

3rd Place

Janet Gardner, Jay Huang (skip), Maggie Mason

4th Place

Sandra McConnell, Miriam Li, Floyd Ruttan (skip)

5th Place

Annie Bodley-Scott (skip), Brian Morin, Anne Hanson

GHLBC Anniversary Mixed Triples

A fine end to the club tournaments with a great turnout and pizza!

Winners – 3 Games

Floyd Ruttan (skip), Frances White, Robin Hittos

2nd 3 Game Winners

Don Bellows, Donna Adamowicz, Dennis Verge (skip)

2 Game Winners

Ben Mason, Steve Foster (skip), missing Janet Gardner

1 Game Winners

Mary Forster, Angela Tessaro, Anne Murfitt (skip)