Appointed Officials

1.       Ethics Committee:

  •     Chair: Barb Coey.
  •    Members: Dan Munro and Suzanne Bailey.

2.       Fundraising/Distribution:

  •   Chair: Rosemary Ward.
  •  Members: Bill Clements and Mary Howarth.

3.       Decorating Committee:

  •  Chair: Lin Smith.
  • Members: Bill Ward, George Irvine, Ahnne Colins and Rhoda Milford.

4.       Capital Project Committee:

  •  Chair: David Smith.
  • Members: Bill Ward and Stephen Mah.

5.       Telephone Committee:

  • Chair: Iris Grew. 

6.       Head Coach: Floyd Ruttan.

7.       Website Manager: Robin Hittos.

8.       Sunshine Lady: Peggy Knapik.

9.   Hostess for BSI Tournaments: Ahnne Colins.

10.  Auditor: Dennis Verge.