Rules on the Green

The facilities of the Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club were established and are maintained for the fun and enjoyment of all its members. Annual membership is open to everyone and is relatively inexpensive. Members play as often as they please with no additional daily expense.

The Executive Committee has developed a policy concerning behaviour and sportsmanlike conduct on the green. This policy is reinforced during the coaching sessions provided to all members. Simply put, come and enjoy the bowling and the camaraderie afforded by the facilities and your fellow members; leave your attitude at the door and respect your fellow players.

Bowling Etiquette
  1. Dress appropriately for all games.
  2. Compliment your opponent on a good shot.
  3. Admit a fluke with grace.
  4. Stand still when a player is on the mat.
  5. Do not talk or make a noise behind the mat when a player is about to deliver a bowl.
  6. Remain behind the mat or outside the head and behind the skip when it is not your turn to play. Always remember that as soon as your bowl has come to rest possession of the rink passes to your opponent.
  7. Keep to your own rink. Do not become a wanderer and distract other bowlers. Walk down the center of your rink when changing ends.
  8. On sunny days be aware of your shadow. Do not let it mask the jack nor permit it to fall in front of the mat when a player is about to bowl.
  9. Try to avoid obscuring boundary pegs, rink plates or rink markers.
  10. Never criticize your opponent, the greens, or your own team members. If you cannot say something positive, don’t say anything.
  11. Pay attention to the game. Nothing can be more frustrating to your teammates that to have them feel that you are not giving your full attention and best efforts to the game.
  12. Always appear to be enjoying the game.
  13. Stand well back from the head when drive shots are being played and warn others of adjacent rinks of the fact.
  14. Greet your team members and opponents at the start of the game and congratulate or compliment them at the end of play. Shaking hands before a match and at its conclusion is part of the fine tradition of the game.
  15. Learn the Laws of the Game and abide by them.
  16. Be a gracious winner and a good loser.


Zero Tolerance for Unacceptable Behaviour

Unacceptable Behaviour or Unsportsmanlike Conduct for Lawn Bowling:

1. Doing anything that makes lawn bowling less enjoyable for others.
2. Publicly criticizing team members or opponents.
3. The use of badgering, rudeness, insinuations, or profanity.
4. Negative comments concerning opponent’s or partner’s play.
5. Gloating over good results.
6. Objecting to a call for the referee.
7. Disputing or arguing with a referee’s ruling.


Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club

Constitution and By-Laws

Article 4 – General Conduct:

All members are required to conduct themselves in a proper manner in the Clubhouse and on the green. The Executive Committee may, at their discression, caution, place on probation, suspend or expel any member whose conduct is, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, injurious to the welfare or best interest of the club provided that before taking such disciplinary action, the Executive Committee shall give the member an opportunity to make a submission to the Executive Committee as to the matter complained of.