Addendum to Games Co-Chairs

Addendum To Games Co-Chairs

Men’s Friday Morning League

Provides an opportunity for all club men to play on the greens of other clubs, meet and make friends from other clubs and get a taste of competition.  The players range in experience and ability from Canadian Champions to early novices.  Many BSI men view the Friday morning bowling as the highlight of their bowling experience.  Every man should be given an opportunity to play on Friday morning program.

Afternoon Draw

With very few exceptions, is available to all members every afternoon.  Tags must be placed on the Draw Board ten minutes prior to draw time.  The normal team format is Triples or Pairs, with odd numbers of players making up a Cutthroat game.

Afternoon draws are the Club’s daily recreational and social events.  Members are urged to participate as often as they can.

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, play breaks off in mid game for refreshments.  Tea days are popular and usually well attended.  Whites are required for Club and inter-club competitions but are optional for afternoon draws.