Club President

The President performs the following tasks:

  1. Acts as principal officer of the Club, approves the agenda and presides at Annual, Semi-Annual, Special and Executive Meetings of the Club.Approves minutes of meetings.
  2. Appoints, as soon as possible after the annual elections, the following;
    1. Coaching Chair
    2. Chief Umpire
    3. Telephone Committee Chair
  3. Ensures that all the elected members of the Executive have the tools made available to them to perform their tasks and shall ensure that all jobs within the Club are being performed by someone.
  4. Oversee and participate in all activities in the Club, maintaining ready communications with the Executive Committee members and all other concerned with the activities in question.
  5. Shall be a member ex-officio of all GHLBC committees except the nomination committee.
  6. Shall, along with the Executive Committee, plan and implement new programs when considered appropriate
  7. Shall liaise with all members to ensure that the wishes of the majority are being met and shall provide follow up, feedback and good communications with all Club members.
  8. Shall liaise with Saanich Municipal Officials and Gordon Head Recreation Center Manager re Club property.
  9. Shall apply to appropriate government agencies, bodies or foundations for financial grants for improvement projects.
  10. Strike sub committees where appropriate.
  11. Ensure that Life Members (non-active) receive the Annual Roster and are kept informed about Club activities.
  12. Selects the official opening date of the Club’s bowling season, choose guest spearkers to be invited for formal occasions, acts as host to visiting bowlers and other visitors and is the Club’s representative at inter-club functions both at home and away.
  13. Ensures that the Club is represented at Lawn Bowl Association Meetings and that the proceedings of these meetings are reported to the Executive Committee.
  14. Shall be one of the three signing officers for the Club bank account.