Games Co-Chairs

Games Co-Chairs

The Games Co-Chairs shall consist of Men’s and Women’s Co-Chairs, who shall be members of the Executive Committee and shall be elected by the membership.

The Games Co-Chairs responsibilities are:

  1. Organize, plan and manage all GHLBC and inter-club competitions as the “Controlling Body” as laid down in the Laws of the Sport of Bowling.  The games falling within the jurisdiction of the Games Co-Chairs are all Club competitions and open competitions held under GHLBC auspices.  The Games Co-Chairs shall conduct the daily draw.  A roster shall be prepared showing Club members who are responsible for the Draw for each day of the week.
  2. Preparation and posting of Entry Forms showing rules for Gordon Head and inter-club competitions.
  3. Accept competition entry fees and place designated prize monies in envelopes for presentation to the winners while retaining an agreed-to portion for the Club.
  4. Conduct an impartial Draw for Gordon Head and inter-club competitions.
  5. Prepare Draw sheets indicating rules, the competitor’s names and rinks of play.
  6. Arrange for Umpires and Markers if required.
  7. Post inter-club entry forms originating at other Clubs on the Notice Board.
  8. Upon completion of a Club competition, determine the competition prize winners.
  9. Assist in the awarding of prizes.
  10. Ensure the names of winners are engraved on trophies prior to the close of the bowling season.
  11. Attend and participate in the BSI Games Committee meetings.
  12. Provide assistance to the BSI Games Committee as required.
  13. Prepare the annual schedule of GHLBC competitions for the BSI schedule.
  14. Prepare and apply rules for GHLBC tournaments.
  15. Arrange and manage GHLBC participation in outside leagues such as Men’s Friday Morning League.
  16. Maintain the games portion of the Club notice board in an orderly manner.
  17. Ensure that Club members are advised of planned activities.
  18. Plan and manage suitable lawn bowling activities for social visits from other clubs and organizations.

While the Men’s and Women’s Co-Chairs are responsible for arranging and conducting their respective tournaments, they shall work together for mixed events.  The co-chairs are delegates to BSI.

All Club members should recognize and gain experience with the various formats used in competitions and tournaments keeping in mind that competition should encourage a maximum number of entries, provide many games and of course identify winners.

The Co-Chairs shall report in writing the progress of their work to each meeting of the Executive Committee.  In addition to a written report the Co-Chairs will report orally to the Club members on their work when invited to do so by the President at the Annual and Semi-annual General meetings of the Club.