Coaching Chair


Head Coach

The Head Coach shall be appointed by the President.  The Head Coach performs the following tasks:

  1. Liaising with the Membership Chair and the Club Secretary to ensure that phone numbers are available for all new and potential members so that they can be contacted relating to the training program and dates.
  2. Arranging for the Club President to be present to launch the course.  The Greens Chair should also be aware of the opening session.
  3. Preparing course objectives, curriculum and a training schedule for issue to novices and coaches.
  4. Meet with qualified Club Coaches and arrange for trainers for each instructional period on the training schedule.
  5. Present written and oral test questions to ensure that the required knowledge has been gained.
  6. Invite interested club members to assist with sessions on the green.
  7. Provide sufficient practice time on the green to ensure that the novices have achieved a smooth delivery and have sufficient knowledge and skill to play a game of bowls.
  8. Throughout the playing season observe and tactfully offer assistance to novices and regular members who acquire poor delivery habits.
  9. Arrange for a “graduation” upon completion of the course.  The graduation should include a game with club members and congratulations from the President.
  10. Where possible, introduce novices and help them to feel welcome in the Club.
  11. Ensure that Membership and the secretary are made aware of the names and phone numbers of all who have attended and passed the course.