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JDF – Men’s Friday Morning League – 2023

The 17 week season has come to an end with good competition and fair play happening week after week.  Congratulations to the Gordon Head players who won places 1 through 4 !


Ron McCrea, David Gardner (Captain), Pete Smith, Svend Klausen, missing Steve Foster

Group Photo

2nd Place – Team Shaen McRea

3rd Place – Team Dennis Verge

4th Place – Team  Jack Adamowicz










BSI Women’s Novice Tournament – 2023

The BSI Women’s Novice Tournament was hosted by Gordan Head this year.  The weather was fine and the tournament was very well attended.  The top novices across the South Island clubs were competing in a 2 section 2 day round robin.  The top in each section then competed for 1st and 2nd place and the top 2nd in each section competed for 3rd and 4th place.

Thank you to David Gardner (the tournament convenor), the coaches, the markers and all the kitchen and other volunteers that made the tournament a success.

The Top Three



Trophy Winner

Kaylene Simmons (JDF) with David Gardner

2nd Place

Gillyan Haden (GH)

3rd Place

Melissa Soligo (GH)

GHLBC – BSI South Island Singles – 2023

Another succesful tournament with 22 participants. Thanks to David Gardner, Gloria, Dennis, the Markers (from GH and other clubs) and all the other wonderful volunteers that are a part of our wonderful lawn bowling club.  Beautiful weather and great bowling was enjoyed by everyone.

Winner “A” Division

Bud Randall (GH) with David Gardner

2nd Place “A”

Harry Walker (CP) with David Gardner

3rd Place “A”

David Gardner (GH)

4th Place “A”

Rob McArthur (JDF) with David Gardner

Winner “B” Division

Keith Terlson (JDF) with David Gardner

2nd Place “B”

Jay Huang (GH) with David Gardner



GHLBC Sadler Memorial Mixed Triples – 2023

The tournament started with a 2.5 hour downpour on Monday.  The players took it in stride and were all the good sports that lawn bowlers are.  The next two days were beautiful. Two divisions 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.  30 teams.

Thank you to Dennis for a well run tournament and all the incredible GH volunteers (Gloria and her Kitchen helpers,  the bar tenders and Al for keeping our green suberb and everyone who helped in anyway)

Trophy Winners

Dorothy Verge (Lead), Dennis Verge (Skip), Al Thomson (Vice)

2nd 3 Game Winner – Afternoon Division

Ron McCrea (Vice), Noelle Trueman (Lead), Barry Ming (Skip)

Top 3 Game and Winner – Evening Division

Karen Evans (Lead), Brent Jansen (Skip), Donna Blackstock (Vice)

2nd 3 Game Winner – Evening Division

Brenda Thomson (Lead), Keith Terlson (Skip), Brenda Edwards (Vice)

2-Game Winner Afternoon Division

Kate Kajewski (Vice), Bakh Shillon (Skip), Manjeet Ornstein (Lead)

2 Game Winners – Evening Division (A Tie)

Jay Huang (Skip), Kiyoshi Sekiguchi (Vice), Cecelia Wilson (Lead) // Anne Murfitt (Skip), Nick May (Vice), Bawan Saravanabawan(Lead)

1 Game Winner – Afternoon Division

Byron Propp (Vice), Linda Turnbull (Lead), Annie Mathie (Skip)

1 Game Winner – Evening

Pete Smith (Vice), Janet Gardner (Lead), David Gardner (Skip)