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BSI Women’s Fours – GHLBC 2019

Trophy Winners

Lee Millar OB, Diane McMorran OB, Karen Evans OB (skip), Debra Whitman Vic

2nd 3 -Game Winners

Mary Forster VW, Marie Lansdowne VW, Geri Stewart VW, Merle Edmonds VW (skip)

3rd 3-Game Winners

Anita Wah LH, Betty Storey LH, Judith Raymer LH (skip), Ann Merriman LH

2-Game Winners

Donna Blackstock OB, Annie Mathie JDF (skip), Ann van Bastalaere Sid, missing Wendy Lubinich JDF

1- Game Winners

Paula Parkinson Vic (skip), Libby Weiser Vic, Cathy Korpela Vic, Susan Kainer Vic





Greenskeepers Mixed Triples JDF

What a grand way to end the 2018 BSI bowling season at the Greenskeepers Mixed Triples! Gordon Head bowlers captured all the four top positions. Way to go!

The Gang from Gordon Head

3 Game and Trophy Winners

Mary Forster, Jeff Birrell (skip), Mel Forster

2nd Place – 3 Game Winners

Pete Smith, Cecelia Wilson, Barry Ming (skip)

3rd Place – 3 Game Winners

Kiyoshi, Dorothy Verge, Jay Huang (skip)

4th Place – 3 Game Winners

Jill Foster, Steve Foster (skip) missing Gale Law