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Bowl for the Cure Quaddie – JFLBC

32 teams of ladies and gents gathered to have 10 games over 2 days at the Juan de Fuca Lawn Bowling Club to raise funds for Cancer.  Saturday was a beautiful day followed by Sunday (we actually were able to play the first two sets of games without rain, not so lucky with the 3rd set).  A lot of fun was had by all and for a great cause!

The team who came 2nd out of 32 winning 9 out of 10 games was

Barry Ming (captain)                                                                                                            Diane Smith                                                                                                                               Pete Smith                                                                                                                                 Josie Tan                                                                                                                                     Al Thomson                                                                                                                               Dorothy Verge








BSI Novice Tournament BSI – Burnside

Two of our Novices competed in the tournament at Burnside this past weekend.  From David Gardner:

“Jim Wakeham had a good tournament.  He had a tough draw especially on the first day but manages to win 3 out of 5 games.  He had a good shot spread and finished 5th.  Out of 14 players.  One place out of the play offs.

We also managed to get Ken Wiens (the come back kid) in the tournament.  He won 2 out of 5 games.  He gave his opponents an 8-9 shot start in a couple of games but came back to win 1 but narrowly lose the other.”

GHLBC Sadler Memorial Mixed Triples 2021

It was great to see our bowling friends from a variety of BSI clubs over 3 beautiful days on an incredible green!  Many thanks to Dennis Verge for the organization and execution and all the club members that made the tournament a successful and very memorable event! Lots of food, beverage, prizes and good fun.

Trophy Winners – from early draw

Donna Blackstock (vice), Mitch O’Brien (skip), Karen Evans (lead)

3 Game Winners – Early Draw

Dave Gardner (skip), Janet Gardner (lead), Pete Smith (vice).

2-Game Winners – Early Draw

Kathy Collister (skip), Dennis Collister (vice), Lee Millar (lead)

1 Game Winners – Early Draw

Ken Dwernychuk (lead), Nancy Oberholtzer (vice), Bob Oberholtzer (skip)

Winners – Late Draw

Doug Hartford (lead), Pat Levie (vice), Lynda Robins (skip)

3 Game Winners – Late Draw

William Whitelaw (skip), Wendy Leaman (lead), Steve Foster (vice)

2 Game Winners – Late Draw

Chris Slade (vice), David Anderson (skip), Cathy Denny (lead)

1 Game Winners – Late Draw

Brenda Thomson (lead), Don Terlson (vice), Keith Terlson (skip)





Bowl for the Cure 2019 – JDFLBC

Gordon Head once again wins the title in a playoff against Oak Bay.  Jill Foster’s bowl decided the win.  Congrats to everyone  who participated in this worthy cause.  Lots of fun and enjoyment had by all!

LtoR Steve Foster, Jill Foster, Donna Adamowicz, Gale Law,  Floyd Ruttan, Jack Adamowicz