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2018 Sadler Memorial Mixed Triples Results

2018 Sadler winners.

Brent Jansen,  Linda Cowie and Karen Evans.  Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club

Sirish Patel, Sue Ennis and George Schellenberg. Lake Hill
2018 Sadler First Three Game Winners

Sirish Patel, Sue Ennis and George Schellenberg.  Lake HillLawn Bowling Club

2018 Sadler Second Three Game Winners

Linda Robbins,  Pat Levie and Mark Legacy.  Canadian Pacific Lawn Bowling Club.

2018 Sadler Third Three Game Winners

Dennis Verge, Jay Huang and Dorothy Verge.  Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club.

2018 Sadler First Two Game Winners

Jeff Machan, Donna Blackstock and David Anderson. Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club.

2018 Sadler Second Two Game Winners

Mort Nelson, Joan Firkins and Mitch O’Brien – Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club.

2018 Sadler One Game Winners

Bud Randall, Gale Law and Donna Adamowicz. Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club

BSI – Findlay Memorial Mixed Triples – Vic West

Gordon Head  did very well in this mixed triples tournament in which each team included a novice with less than 3 years’ experience.  These were among the prize winners.

Trophy Winners – 1st Place “A”

Jay Huang (skip), Mary Howarth, Derek Langdon

4th Place – “A”

Noelle Trueman (Sidney), Barry Ming, Anne Murfitt (skip)

1st Place – “C”

Jill Hallam, Dennis Verge (skip), Dorothy Verge





BSI Rose Bowl Women’s Pairs (Open)

Three outstanding and exciting games were played in the finals at the Canadian Pacific (CP) Lawn Bowling Club this evening. CP members were out in full force to cheer on the six teams which returned after two days of competition. The spectators were all impressed!

All teams in the three divisions played exceptionally well with very close scores. Second place winners lost by a point or two. Our team of Josie Tan and Mary Forster had to break the tie and played an extra end with CP’s team of Lynda Robbins and Pat Levie in B Division and came in second place.

Our club member, Kathy Collister and Lee Millar, also a member of our club as well as CP, were the winners of the event.

A Division – 1st Place

L-R: Kathy Collister (Skip) and Lee Millar (Lead)

B Division – 2nd Place

L-R: Josie Tan (Skip) and Mary Forster (Lead)