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Waring Quaddie 2019

First and foremost our wonderful tournament ladies, providing wonderful lunches and snacks for all of our players throughout the year.  We are so appreciative!

Nora, Gloria and Linda

Tournament Winners

Pete Smith, Maggie Mason, Miriam Li, Jay Huang (team captain)

2nd Place

Kiyoshi Sekiguchi (team captIain),Brenda Murfitt, Wendy Finnigan, Dorothy Verge

3rd Place

Annie Bodley-Scott (team captain), Brian Morin, Glen Shippam, Mary Wilson




Ontario Bowling

Earlier in the year, Mary Forster’s bowling mates in Ontario invited her to bowl in some Ontario Lawn Bowling Association (OLBA) open tournaments. She bowled at clubs in Stouffville, Cosburn Park, Willowdale and Oakville between August 28 – September 2. The OLBA allows registration as early as January!

Competition was rather intense but all in all, it was a lot of fun. Three 12-end games were played (Ontario draw). It’s interesting to note that reasonable prize money was given to the team that scored a High Last Game. Mary’s team won this category in the Bruton National Bank Fall Classic Triples tournament.

Mary Forster





Anniversary Triples – GHLBC 2019

Trophy Winners

Jack Adamowicz, Janet Gardner, Steve Foster (skip)

2nd Place

Robin Hittos, Gale Law, David Gardner (skip)

3rd Place

Anne Hanson, Al Thompson, Jill Foster (skip)

4th Place

Joy Smith, Les East, Annie Bodley-Scott (skip)

5th Place

Gail Richards, Bud Randall (skip), Sandra McConnell

6th Place

Cedric Trueman, Maggie Mason, Pete Smith (skip)