Greens Chair

Greens Chair

The Greens Committee shall consist of:

  1. The Chair, who shall be a member of the Executive Committee;
  2. Members in good standing selected by the Chair, as are required to perform such duties listed below;
  3. At least one other member of the Executive Committee.

Committee Duties and Responsibilities include:

  1. Care and maintenance of the green, ditches, plinth and backboards.
  2. Normal purchases (fertilizer, sand, seed, etc) will be made by the Green Keeper.  Extraordinary purchases are to be pre-approved by the Executive Committee.
  3. Assure the machinery and equipment used for green maintenance is maintained, through communication with the Green Keeper.
  4. Be knowledgeable about the working of the sprinkler system timer, location of turn-off valves, sprinkler heads and other technical knowledge required to keep the system running in the absence of the Green Keeper.
  5. The decision to play on specific rinks, due to weather or maintenance needs will be made by the Greens Chair or Vice Chair and communicated to the Games Chair.
  6. Keep a yearly inventory of normal and extraordinary purchases for the maintenance of the green.
  7. Ensure that coloured tags are visible in the clubhouse showing rink colour to be used in open draw on a daily basis, other activities during the day will use the same colour while the direction will be rotated 90 degrees.

Green Keeper

The Club Green Keeper shall be directly responsible to the Greens Chair or an appointee who will be responsible for overseeing the work of the Green Keeper.   The Chair will report to the Executive Committee on actions taken.  The terms and conditions under which the Green Keeper is hired shall be determined by the Greens Chair in collaboration with the President or appointed representative and approved by the Executive Committee.  Club members shall confine to the Greens Chair or Vice Chair their complaints related to the green.

Damage To Green Due To Faulty Delivery

The Greens Chair or Vice Chair shall report to the Coaching Chair the name of any member who, through faulty delivery, is causing damage to the green.  The Coaching Chair shall attempt to correct such deficiencies as so inform the Greens Chair.


The Chair shall report progress of his committee’s work and make appropriate recommendations at each Executive Committee meeting.  In addition to a written report, the Chair shall make an oral report to the Club members on the committee’s work when invited to do so by the President at the Annual and Semi-Annual General meetings.