GHLBC Women’s Fours – BSI – 2023

A full green of 16 teams from various clubs in the BSI convened by Gloria Burton and helped by our great GH volunteers.  Beautiful weather,  plenty of food and drink for everyone delivered by Gloria and her crew.


Jen Purkis (2nd,GH), Angela Tessaro (Skip,GH), Sandra McConnell (3rd,GH), Ann Hanson (Lead,GH)


3 Game Winners

Tanis Ranger (2nd, OB), Dianne McMorran (Lead, OB), Anne Murfitt (Skip, GH, LH), Karen Evans (3rd,OB, GH)

2 Game Winners

Maggie Mason (Lead, GH), Maria Pavan (Lead, tues eve, GH), Gale Law (3rd, GH), Donna Adamowicz (2nd, GH), Dorothy Verge (Skip, GH)

1 Game Winners

Joanne Scarbro (2nd, JDF), Kathy Robertson (3rd, JDF), Betty McDougall (Skip, JDF), Jen Blair (Lead JDF)