GHLBC – BSI Women’s Fours 2022

This was Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club’s first BSI tournament this year.  The tournament was well attended with a wide array of ladies from different clubs on the South Island.  The weather cooperated and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves bowling and enjoying the great of array of food and beverage. Thank you to Gloria for organizing the tournament and to all the hard working volunteers in the kitchen.  Another big thank you to everyone else who helped out to make the tournament a big success!!

Trophy Winners – representing JDFLBC

Wendy Leamen, Annie Mathie (skip), Linda Turnbull, Jill Foster

2nd 3-Game Winners – representing OBLBC

Diane McMorran, Karen Evens, Donna Blackstock, Bobbi-Jean Charlton (skip)

Top 2-Game Winners – representing OBLBC

Karen Heagle, Cathy Denny (skip), Mary McGill, Tanis Ranger

2nd 2-Game Winners – representing GHLBC

Dolores Morin, Sandra McConnell (skip), Frances White, Marilyn McKittrick

1-Game Winners – representing JDFLBC

Julie Dixon (skip), Judy Hambleton, Marion Robertson, Wendy Leach