Canadian Nationals 2023

Canadian National Lawn Bowling Championships Program Booklet 

Navigating the digital booklet:

  • – The booklet has 60 pages, please allow several seconds for it to appear on your screen.
  • – Turn the pages by swiping with your mouse across the page, or by clicking on the right and left arrows 
  • – Refer to the menu bar at the bottom of the screen for options for viewing, downloading, sharing etc.
  • – Type the number 1 in the upper left corner and it will return you to the cover page.
  • – Refreshing your screen, (CTRL + R) also returns you to the cover page. 
  • – If you wish to download the booklet, click the tiny down arrow at the bottom of the screen.
  •   This will download a 60 page PDF to your download folder on your device. 
  • – The diagonal arrows will enlarge the booklet to fit the maximum size of your screen.