GHLBC Sadler Memorial Mixed Triples 2021

It was great to see our bowling friends from a variety of BSI clubs over 3 beautiful days on an incredible green!  Many thanks to Dennis Verge for the organization and execution and all the club members that made the tournament a successful and very memorable event! Lots of food, beverage, prizes and good fun.

Trophy Winners – from early draw

Donna Blackstock (vice), Mitch O’Brien (skip), Karen Evans (lead)

3 Game Winners – Early Draw

Dave Gardner (skip), Janet Gardner (lead), Pete Smith (vice).

2-Game Winners – Early Draw

Kathy Collister (skip), Dennis Collister (vice), Lee Millar (lead)

1 Game Winners – Early Draw

Ken Dwernychuk (lead), Nancy Oberholtzer (vice), Bob Oberholtzer (skip)

Winners – Late Draw

Doug Hartford (lead), Pat Levie (vice), Lynda Robins (skip)

3 Game Winners – Late Draw

William Whitelaw (skip), Wendy Leaman (lead), Steve Foster (vice)

2 Game Winners – Late Draw

Chris Slade (vice), David Anderson (skip), Cathy Denny (lead)

1 Game Winners – Late Draw

Brenda Thomson (lead), Don Terlson (vice), Keith Terlson (skip)