BSI Ann Webster Women’s Triples

The grand finale to BSI 2018 Women’s tournaments – the Ann Webster Women’s Triples played at Lake Hill LBC on September 11 and 12.

It was a prerequisite that one member of the team must have two years or less experience, and may be from another club. Our Josie Tan and Gale Law took Connie Harper from Juan De Fuca LBC to the “bowl game” and won the A Event, while Mary Forster and Cecelia Wilson took Sheila Price from Burnside LBC and won the B Event.

L-R: Winners of A Event – Josie Tan (Skip), Connie Harper (Lead from Juan De Fuca LBC) and Gale Law (Vice)


L-R: Winners of B Event – Cecelia Wilson (Vice), Sheila Price (Lead from Burnside LBC) and Mary Forster (Skip)