Yardstick May 15, 2018

Donna is holding a yardstick.
The blue bowl gets two points, and one point for the black.

‘Tis the season to tweak your drawing skills … not artistically, but rather skillfully drawing to the jack. Yardstick, a popular fun game hosted by Tom Robertson with Bud Randall and Barry Ming Mah assisting, kicked off to a great start this evening with all eight rinks being used. Everyone had fun! Thank you to all who helped set up the rinks.

The tackle consists of a golf ball, three feet of twine and a nail. The golf ball acts as the jack. Two of them are set in each rink, in such a way for bowlers to practice drawing to a short and a long jack length.

The bowl that is closest to the jack (the golf ball) gets two points and any bowl that is within a yard gets one point each. The bowler who gets the most points after 14 ends is declared the winner.

This event continues on every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm until further notice.