Monday Morning Mixed Pairs Ladder May 7, 2018

Hosted by David and Janet Gardner, the Monday Morning Mixed Pairs Ladder kicked off to a great start with 32 bowlers. The weather cooperated! This club event will continue for the next 10 weeks. Watch this space for results!

The format may seem confusing to those who are playing for the first time. Here is a little description from David. There will be a random draw in the first three weeks, after which the players on the top half of the Ladder will be Skips and the other half will be Leads.

The Skip who is on top of the Ladder will be partnered with the Lead who is in last place of the Ladder. The Skip in second place will be partnered with the Lead who is in second last place, and so on. The top two Skips’ teams will then play against each other, the third and fourth Skips’ teams will play against each other, and so on.

As the weeks progress, players will advance or drop down the Ladder depending on their win/loss record. This will result in players, who are Leads, moving onto the top half of the Ladder, and being designated as Skips for the next game. The reverse will happen to Skips who drop down to the bottom half of the Ladder.

Sometimes, players may miss a draw or two and when this happens, one game may have to be Triples or if there is an odd number of players, a Cutthroat Singles up to three players will be played. These players will be taken from the middle of the ladder.

This is the criteria for establishing positions on the Ladder:
1st Place: Points scored for wins, losses and ties.
2nd Place: Percentage to break ties in points (shots for divided by shots against).

All entry fees collected will be returned as prize money to the top five Skips and the top five Leads. A Lead must have played at least five times in the Lead position to be considered a Lead.

Quite the formidable task for David and Janet!