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GH Monday Morning Ladder

From David Gardner

The Monday Morning Ladder has concluded for another year. There were some interesting developments over the weeks with players, as the ladder suggests, were continually moving up or down with Kiyoshi finishing strongly to claim 1st place on the final Monday.

The results of the Monday Morning Ladder.

1st  Kiyoshi Sekiguchi
2nd Dennis Verge
3rd Al Thomson
4th Jay Huang
5th Marilyn McKitrick
1st Ron McCrea
2nd Wayne Oakley
3rd Cecelia Wilson
4th Peter Smith
5th Ray Dilba
Kiyoshi Sekiguchi – Winner
Kiyoshi Sekiguchi, Dennis Verge (2nd), Al Thomson (3rd), Jay Huang (4th), Marilyn McKitrik (5th)


Ron McCrea – Winner
Ron McCrea, Wayne Oakley (2nd, missing), Cecelia Wilson (3rd), Pete Smith (4th), Ray Dilba (5th)