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Gordon Head Novice Singles Champions

Congratulations to our novice champions who will represent Gordon Head at the BSI Novice Championships in September!

Women’s Champion Melissa Soligo

Melissa Soligo


Gillyan Hade, Melissa Soligo and Rosemary Pules

Women runners-up Gillyan Haden (2nd)  and Rosemary Pules (3rd)

Wayne Giles

Men’s Champion Wayne Giles

BSI Women’s Championship September 2nd and 3rd at Gordon Head.

BSI Men’s Championship September 9th and 10th at Lakehill.


GH Beckwith Scotch Pairs – 2023

Another great GH event.  Thanks to David, (Dennis for the scoring),  Gloria and the kitchen volunteers and everyone else who helped out to make it a success.


David Gardner (Skip), Marilyn McKitrick (Lead)

2nd Place

Ray Dilba (Lead), Annie Bodley-Scott (Skip)

3rd Place

Gail Law (Lead), Brian Morin (Skip)

4th Place

Bawan Saravanabawan (Lead), Janet Gardner (Skip)



President’s Shield Mixed Triples 2023

Our first in-house tournament of the year was graced with beautiful weather,  great food and drink (by Gloria and our kitchen volunteers) and seamlessly organized and run by David Gardner and Steve Foster.  Thanks to all who participated and helped out !


Elaine Ratcliffe (vice), David Gardner (skip), Maggie Mason (lead)

2nd Place

Gale Law (vice), Li Huang (lead), Pete Smith (skip)

3rd Place

Brent Jansen (skip), Josie Tan (vice), Cecelia Wilson (lead)

4th Place

Karen Heagle (lead), Jay Huang (skip), Wayne Oakley (vice)

Harding Men’s Singles – 2022

Harding men’s singles was played on the hottest weekend of the year so far, temp. around 30c. The format was shortened a little to keep the players safe.
Winner was David Gardner with 5 wins and points  75 for  and 33 against.
Brian Morin with David Gardner (winner)
Second was Bud Randell with 5 wins and points 74 for and 33 against.
Third was Barry Ming with 4 wins and points 66 for and 43 against.

President’s Shield Mixed Triples


Well, the weather in May is usually not full of wind and cold, but that is how it started on the first day.  The second day had it’s moments but we saw a few rays of “warmish” sunshine.  Thank you to all the organizers and kitchen staff.  We had a fun start to the season…

Trophy Winners

Frances White (lead), Pete Smith (skip), Gale Law (vice)

2nd Place

Sandra McConnell (lead), David Gardner (skip), Donna Adamowicz (vice)

3rd Place

Dorothy Verge (vice), Anne Murfitt (skip), Angela Tessaro (lead)

4th Place

Floyd Ruttan (skip), Grace Shippam (lead), Philip Smith (vice)





Aussie Pairs League 2021

13 games and 17 weeks….Holy Mackerel!  Many thanks to Brian for organizing and keeping us updated constantly with new schedules and holding on to his good humor.

Winner Skips

Dennis Verge with Brian Morin

2nd Skips

Svend Klausen with Brian Morin

3rd Skips

Cedric Trueman with Brian Morin

Winner Leads

Dennis Collister with Brian Morin

2nd Leads

Janet Gardner with Brian Morin

3rd Leads

Elaine Radcliff – no picture available.