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BSI Rose Bowl Women’s Pairs (Open)

Three outstanding and exciting games were played in the finals at the Canadian Pacific (CP) Lawn Bowling Club this evening. CP members were out in full force to cheer on the six teams which returned after two days of competition. The spectators were all impressed!

All teams in the three divisions played exceptionally well with very close scores. Second place winners lost by a point or two. Our team of Josie Tan and Mary Forster had to break the tie and played an extra end with CP’s team of Lynda Robbins and Pat Levie in B Division and came in second place.

Our club member, Kathy Collister and Lee Millar, also a member of our club as well as CP, were the winners of the event.

A Division – 1st Place

L-R: Kathy Collister (Skip) and Lee Millar (Lead)

B Division – 2nd Place

L-R: Josie Tan (Skip) and Mary Forster (Lead)


Trimming Hedge Jam

L-R: Al Thomson (Lead), Tom Robertson (Rhythm), Bud Randall (Drum) and Ben Mason (Acoustic).

… introducing our own Bluegrass Band – The Hedge Boys, who keep our curb appeal looking good. Thank you guys!

Al Thomson runs the gig and is always looking for newcomers. No audition needed; sign-up process is as simple as a telephone call to him. His phone number is in our club’s directory.


Twilight League May 17, 2018

Outdoor bowling at our club got underway with great enthusiasm. Members were out rolling up a storm at every opportunity.

Another popular club event, the Twilight League, started last Thursday evening with a little hitch from the weather. Those who braved the rain and came out to bowl had a great time. A week later, the weather is beautiful and more members showed up.

Hosted by Floyd and Gail Ruttan (assisted by Dan and Connie Munro), Twilight League is played on every Thursday evening at 6:30pm and goes on for three months. Those who have played in the past know that the club’s famous Strawberry Social will take place mid way … yum! As well, there will be a Pizza feast at the end of the league with prizes given to the winners.

Yardstick May 15, 2018

Donna is holding a yardstick.
The blue bowl gets two points, and one point for the black.

‘Tis the season to tweak your drawing skills … not artistically, but rather skillfully drawing to the jack. Yardstick, a popular fun game hosted by Tom Robertson with Bud Randall and Barry Ming Mah assisting, kicked off to a great start this evening with all eight rinks being used. Everyone had fun! Thank you to all who helped set up the rinks.

The tackle consists of a golf ball, three feet of twine and a nail. The golf ball acts as the jack. Two of them are set in each rink, in such a way for bowlers to practice drawing to a short and a long jack length.

The bowl that is closest to the jack (the golf ball) gets two points and any bowl that is within a yard gets one point each. The bowler who gets the most points after 14 ends is declared the winner.

This event continues on every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm until further notice.

Monday Morning Mixed Pairs Ladder May 7, 2018

Hosted by David and Janet Gardner, the Monday Morning Mixed Pairs Ladder kicked off to a great start with 32 bowlers. The weather cooperated! This club event will continue for the next 10 weeks. Watch this space for results!

The format may seem confusing to those who are playing for the first time. Here is a little description from David. There will be a random draw in the first three weeks, after which the players on the top half of the Ladder will be Skips and the other half will be Leads.

The Skip who is on top of the Ladder will be partnered with the Lead who is in last place of the Ladder. The Skip in second place will be partnered with the Lead who is in second last place, and so on. The top two Skips’ teams will then play against each other, the third and fourth Skips’ teams will play against each other, and so on.

As the weeks progress, players will advance or drop down the Ladder depending on their win/loss record. This will result in players, who are Leads, moving onto the top half of the Ladder, and being designated as Skips for the next game. The reverse will happen to Skips who drop down to the bottom half of the Ladder.

Sometimes, players may miss a draw or two and when this happens, one game may have to be Triples or if there is an odd number of players, a Cutthroat Singles up to three players will be played. These players will be taken from the middle of the ladder.

This is the criteria for establishing positions on the Ladder:
1st Place: Points scored for wins, losses and ties.
2nd Place: Percentage to break ties in points (shots for divided by shots against).

All entry fees collected will be returned as prize money to the top five Skips and the top five Leads. A Lead must have played at least five times in the Lead position to be considered a Lead.

Quite the formidable task for David and Janet!

Opening Day April 28, 2018

At long last, 2018 outdoor bowling season is officially here. The rain did not dampen our spirits on Opening Day! All who came out to play had a great time, and appreciated the hot tea/coffee and goodies.

Thank you to all the volunteers who got everything ready for this kick-off to a great bowling season.

Have fun, and good bowling to everyone in both BSI and Club tournaments!