Introductory Lessons, Coaching and Mentoring Available For New Players

Introductory Lessons

In April each year a short series of lessons is offered to anyone interested in finding out how to play and enjoy the game of Bowls. For a small cost ($10) students will receive 6 lessons over a 3 week period in April. For exact dates please contact the Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club at  778- 401-9828 OR attend the Open House in early April . The lessons cover all the topics necessary for you to begin playing & enjoying bowls at the club. The lesson topics covered include a discussion of bowling equipment used, including the footwear required to protect the surface of the playing green; placement of the mat; delivery of the jack; selection of the proper bowl for you; how to hold & delivery the bowl; line of aim when delivering the bowl; curvature of the bowl path after delivery; simple game strategy; general sequence of the game; how triples are played. Students will have the opportunity to practise and play the game during each lesson session.