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The Club is operated by the Executive (President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Past President, Treasurer and Secretary), Directors (in charge of Greens, Women’s Games, Men’s Games, House & Maintenance, Social Convenors and Membership) and the Head Coach and Assistant Coaches (non-voting members). Click HERE to view the duties of the Club Officials.



Past President – Annie Bodley-Scott (2016)


I grew up with bowls as both my father and grandfather were avid players, so it was always at the back of my mind that I would learn the game one day. After retirement I joined the Club and now wish I had started years earlier! I so enjoy this challenging game and appreciate the social aspect of being a member of the Club, making new friends, joining in other activities as well as benefitting from the friendliness and helpfulness of more experienced players on and off the green. Being able to play social games and also have the option of taking part in competitive tournaments creates a good balance and is a wonderful way to spend the summer. Come bowling!

President Dennis Verge

Dennis Verge
Dennis Verge

I was introduced to lawn bowling by a co-worker from Oak Bay while working.  Upon retirement I joined the Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club and have been hooked every since. Whether it’s an afternoon of social bowling with friends, or a weekend competition against bowlers from all over the South Island, lawn bowling has become my passion. I am a proud Dad of two wonderful girls, and the “Papa” of four fantastic grandchildren with my wife Gillian (also now a lawn bowler).

1st Vice-President Brian Morin

I always thought Lawn Bowling was for older people. One day while shaving I discovered that by looking in the mirror I could see one of those older people (2003) so off I went to Victoria West Lawn Bowling Club and joined. Only stayed one season as I found I had to many interests to stick with the bowling.  When I gave up house and yard and moved to Royal Oak my neighbours Jill and Steve Foster sparked a desire to get back to the game in 2011. Sorry Jill and Steve it’s your entire fault that I drive every one crazy at GH.  I think I am a want to be competitive bowler that likes the social game a bit too much and not likely to change.

2nd Vice-President Cedric Trueman

Secretary – Gillian Verge

Treasurer – Lorne Lewthwaite